Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indulge your Inner Biscuit!

On the weekend, as my little family was travelling up to Swan Hill to visit Grandpa, we happened upon a tiny cafe in Kyneton for lunch.  Called 'Inner Biscuit', I fully recommend you try it out if you happen to be in the area. Inner Biscuit is found at 34 Piper Street Kyneton, in a tiny but groovy little space, next to an assortment of other cafes and eateries in the lower end of Kyneton's main street, including the hatted Royal George Hotel and Annie Smithers' Bistrot.

The cafe sells mainly organic baked goods, of both the sweet and savoury kind.  You can sit down for a full lunch, or take away a special little something like an organic sweet biscuit.  We decided to eat in, and after speaking with the owner, I was happy to learn that she could easily adapt most of the dishes on the menu to be gluten free . I was a little concerned when the owner mentioned she uses spelt wheat in some of her dishes - definately not GF - but to her credit, she did check if I was going to be too sensitive to it.  All of the family, bar the toddler, decided to try the baked eggs with chorizo sausage, cheese, peas and potato.  At $10 it seemed a reasonable price for a wholesome meal.  We all agreed on tasting that it was delicious - lightly spiced, cheesy and filling.  And no reaction to any sneaky gluten for me! The toddler got some banana bread, and judging by the lip-smacking noises coming from his direction, I think he enjoyed his meal 'choice' too. (Note that the banana bread was not GF.)

Other choices on the menu included: Spanish baked beans with fetta and toast; sourdough toast; 'Belly Dance' toasties with Moroccan spiced hommus, roasted pumpkin and zucchini; and a mouth-watering selection of cakes and biscuits.  I chose an organic and gluten free almond rose crunch biscuit to go with my coffee, which had a great texture and light taste of rose-water.  Coffees were ok.  My decaf was a tad watery, but served as an admirable side-kick for my biscuit.

While we were there, an interesting assortment of locals and visitors came in for a chat, some coffee and a feed, including one little girl who had such a great face painting that she didn't want to eat for fear of ruining it. The dramas around picking a meal that wouldn't mess up her face were quite entertaining.  There was also a small bookshelf loaded with board games, books on design, children's story books, and magazines, so you needn't desperately think of things to keep the kids or kidults occupied when really all you want to do is sip your coffee and stare vacantly at nothing much in particular.

Owner Mara Szoke now sells her biscuits and other baked delights in Melbourne, and you can find a list of stockists on her Inner Biscuit website at  Do check out the website, the ginger-bread men are very cute when you click on them!  

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  1. Inner biscuit is seriously one of the cutest websites I've seen! And it's making me hungry...